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Breeder’s Futurity Rules & Conditions

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Click here for a downloadable/printable version of the WCHA Breeder’s Futurity Rules & Conditions.

Rules & Conditions

  • Membership: All owners, exhibitors and stallion owners must be members in good standing of WCHA. A joint membership is acceptable for non pro eligibility.
  • Ownership Requirement: Horses entered in a Non Pro class must be provide registration papers showing horse is owned by the exhibitor or family member. No leased horses are eligible for competition in any division.
  • Open & Non-pro Weanling Classes Will Be Split Into Junior And Senior Divisions: Foals born Jan 1 through Feb 28 will be in the Senior Class, foals born March 1 and later will fall into the Junior Class.
  • No Substitutions, No Refunds. Horses can be sold at any time and still remain eligible, new owners and exhibitors must hold WCHA membership. Registration papers may be compared to each entry to verify markings. By entering a futurity class, owners are subject to random drug testing with any positive test cause for disqualification and all fees forfeited.
  • Color Classes: Color classes will run concurrent within the corresponding Open/Non Pro class. APHA, ApHC, PHBA, ABRA and Roan horses registered with American Roan Horse Association or have roan as the primary color on their AQHA registration papers are eligible. Each entry must have respective breed association registration to show in a color class.
             – Example: Palomino entry must have corresponding registry with PHBA and dual registered horses must provide 2 sets of papers.
             – Solid horses with APHA or ApHC registries are eligible for competition in all divisions.
  • All horses must be registered with respective breed association. No pending papers will be accepted. Please send copy of registration papers as soon as papers are processed by breed registries.
  • Non-pro Eligibility: Exhibitor has not shown, sold a horse for a third party, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for remuneration, including commissions, nor received compensation for instructing another person in riding, driving, training or showing a horse, for five years previous to application for Non-pro membership. Payment of entry fees and/or expenses by anyone other than the Non-pro, his/her immediate family, or a corporation, partnership or other business entity in which the Non-pro and/or a member of his/her immediate family are the sole and only owner, shall be considered remuneration. A Non-pro cannot be an approved horse show judge for any association or have judged an open, 4-H or breed show for the past 60 months. By joining the WCHA as a non-pro member, each Non-pro exhibitor declares that they are in full compliance of WCHA Non-pro requirements. Violations will be grounds for forfeiture of all prizes, prize monies and of all fees paid and possible suspension from the association.
  • Draws: Horses will enter the arena and be lined up according to foaling date, youngest horses first.
  • Exhibitors With Disabilities Variance Rule: Non Pro Exhibitors With Physical Disabilities/Heart Condition Will Be Allowed To Have Another Non Pro Lead Their Horse Through The “Tracking Portion” Of The Class. Once the horse is around the cones of the trot through the designated exhibitor will then take the lead of their horse and compete in the class, the “helper” must leave the arena. The “helper” must also wear a corresponding number to the entry. (This helper must wear proper western attire.) This Variance will give those with a physical disability or heart condition the opportunity to compete that otherwise wouldn’t physically be able to. The designated exhibitor must set their horse up themselves without assistance. We hope this rule allows someone who thought they could never show their own horse because they couldn’t make it through the trotting portion of the class the opportunity to compete themselves. A doctor’s order must be presented to the Futurity manager prior to competition. This variance is for all WCHA and Big Money “Non Pro” Futurity classes.

Additional Rules and Regulations and Judging Procedure:

  • LEND A HAND RULE: Upon completion of the judging, and exhibitors are retired to the rail, each contestant will be allowed to have ONE helper enter the arena to “lend a hand” by holding the horse, providing a bottle of water or cold towel as refreshment and to join in the awards presentation with the exhibitor. The helper could be a trainer or family member. The helper “MUST” wear boots, hat and collared shirt.
  • It is the responsibility of all WCHA participants to know and abide by all the Rules as published.
  • Use of a lip chain or lip cord is allowable in accordance with APHA rules and guidelines.
  • Only the exhibitor and the conformation horse are to be allowed to enter the arena according to the established draw for working order. There will be no trainers, parents or grooms with the exhibitor or conformation horse once the exhibitor breaks the plane of the alleyway.
  • After trotting, horses will be lined up head to tail for individual inspection by the judge(s). The judge(s) shall inspect each horse from the sides, front and rear. All mares and stallions will be inspected for parrot mouth or monkey mouth. All stallions 2 years of age and older will be inspected to confirm the presence of two testicles. Parrot mouth, monkey mouth and crypt orchids are grounds for disqualification.
  • Setting Up for Inspection – all exhibitors in the Open division and Non-Pro division that do not get their conformation horse set up and standing still long enough to allow the judge(s) to look at all 4 sides of the horse shall be disqualified. Reasonable consideration will be given to Non-pros before disqualification.
  • Loose Horse – any exhibitor may continue showing if:
             – at the judge’s discretion the situation is safe for all contestants
             – loose horse is caught with minimal disruption
             – receiving assistance from only individuals in the ring
  • Disruptive Horse – any horse that is disruptive upon determination of the judge(s) may be excused if thought to be a danger to the exhibitor, other exhibitors or other horses. If a horse causes another horse to get loose, the loose horse may continue to show without penalty as long as it is caught without further and lengthy disruption.
  • All decisions made by WCHA Management & WCHA Breeder’s Futurity Committee will supersede all written rules or procedures.
  • I hereby release WCHA, APHA and their respective directors, officers, members, volunteers, employees and lessors of premises from all liability, claims, losses or damages arising from injury, death and/or property damages occurring as a result of participation in the activities, (and participant’s family, heirs, agents, representatives). Participant has read this document and other rules of the futurity program, fully understands the terms and by signing hereby agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth.

Click here for a downloadable/printable version of the WCHA Breeder’s Futurity Rules & Conditions.