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When memberships are dwindling, one WCHA member found a way of turning her desperation around

Denise Thompson

Denise Thompson


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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention….

Most everyone has heard this expression once or twice throughout their life, but very few actually experience the concept as deeply as this Kansas Trainer.

Denise Thompson started riding at a very early age in Southern California and while married to Mike Spitzer, rode cutting horses. Years later, after having a successful career as a trainer in California, the move to Kansas with her husband Jet Thompson, was exciting yet very scary. Soon this courageous woman found herself a single mother with lots of debt and no obvious means of support from anyone but herself. Many women would’ve wept and given up. Faced with the severe weather, no clients to speak of and a growing son to care for, Denise set out to gather a client base from what she had near her. Talking to locals, going to the school board, advertising in small neighborhood news fliers, she gradually attracted a youth or two.

Now, she has a bus load of kids dropped off at her ranch in Beloit, twice a week for lessons. On other days she trailers her students and a wide variety of ex and current show horses for them to learn to ride. This year at the Palomino World, she and her group garnered 5 World Titles. She also has become very active in the different groups for the challenged equestrians. Several of the ISD are approaching her with regards to spearheading a high school program similar the college equestrian group. This is amazing. When everyone is talking about the Youth clients dwindling, Denise is looking for more horses for more Youth. Her program is growing and she is filled with ideas on how others can follow her lead. Many of her beginners start off with showing in halter classes. She is a great example of the expression and her motto is…don’t wait for the clients to find you; go out and find them.

Kudos to Denise Thompson, for your success and innovative solution to your problem. We welcome Denise Thompson to WCHA and look forward to your involvement.

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