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2019 WCHA Trainers Sale

WCHA is auctioning One (1) Month of Horse Training provided by the named trainer in The WCHA Trainer Sale. The month of training is to be used in 2019, unless otherwise agreed. Bidding opens on Monday, February 18 at 9 am. Eastern time. Bidding starts closing on Wednesday, February 20 at 7 pm. Eastern time. Each Lot will close 3 minutes apart. Bidding for each trainer will start at $500.

Excluded from purchase are ANY and ALL additional fees related to the horse utilizing the One Month of Training, for example and NOT limited to, Veterinary, Farrier, Show Fees, Mileage for hauling, etc.

Prior to bid opening on February 18, the Month of Training for each Trainer can be purchased through a BUY NOW offering. The BUY NOW price for each trainer is $1,000. BUY NOW is open from February 12 to February 17.

CLICK HERE to bid now!

Trainer Sale Purchasing Agreement

<strong>Chris Arentsen</strong>
Chris Arentsen
<strong>Dan Mannion</strong>
Dan Mannion
<strong>Dewey Smith</strong>
Dewey Smith
<strong>Fred Tabor</strong>
Fred Tabor
<strong>Gretchen Mathes</strong>
Gretchen Mathes
<strong>Jarrell Jackson</strong>
Jarrell Jackson
<strong>Jason Smith</strong>
Jason Smith
<strong>Jimmie Hardin</strong>
Jimmie Hardin
<strong>John Shepard</strong>
John Shepard
<strong>Josh Larmon</strong>
Josh Larmon
<strong>Justin Bisel</strong>
Justin Bisel
<strong>Kelley Stone</strong>
Kelley Stone
<strong>Kerry Aycock</strong>
Kerry Aycock
<strong>Luke Castle</strong>
Luke Castle
<strong>Mike McMillian</strong>
Mike McMillian
<strong>Mitch Leonarski</strong>
Mitch Leonarski
<strong>Monte Horn</strong>
Monte Horn
<strong>Ross Roark</strong>
Ross Roark
<strong>Ted Turner</strong>
Ted Turner
<strong>Tom Robertson</strong>
Tom Robertson

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