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This form can be printed, filled out and mailed to the address on the form with payment.


Membership begins the day the membership form and payment are received by the WCHA Office or by a WCHA Event Show Office representing the WCHA and expires December 31 of the calendar year of purchase.

Your WCHA Membership includes a free subscription to The Equine Chronicle!

Non-pro Eligibility: Exhibitor has not shown, sold a horse for a third party, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for remuneration, including commissions, nor received compensation for instructing another person in riding, driving, training or showing a horse, for five years previous to application for Non-pro membership. Payment of entry fees and/or expenses by anyone other than the Non-pro, his/her immediate family, or a corporation, partnership or other business entity in which the Non-pro and/or a member of his/her immediate family are the sole and only owner, shall be considered remuneration. A Non-pro cannot be an approved horse show judge for any association or have judged an open, 4-H or breed show for the past 60 months. By entering every Non-pro exhibitor declares that they are in full compliance of WCHA Non-Pro requirements. Violations will be grounds for forfeiture of all prizes, prize monies and of all fees paid and possible suspension from the association.

Intermediate Non-pro Eligibility: A Non Pro who has not won a World or Reserve World Title in AQHA (Level 3), APHA & ApHA competition. Immediate family members of WCHA judges and trainers are prohibited from competing in the Intermediate Non Pro division.

Owner-Breeder-Exhibitor Classes (OBE): In order to be eligible for Owner/Breeder/Exhibitor Awards, you must meet the following relationship criteria: owner, spouse, children, parent, stepchildren, grandchildren, sibling or legal guardianship of the original “breeder” of the horse entered.

Membership: All owners, exhibitors and stallion owners must be members in good standing of WCHA. An annual or lifetime joint membership is acceptable for eligibility.

Ownership Requirement: Horses entered in a Non Pro class must provide registration papers showing horse is owned by the exhibitor or family member. Leased horses are NOT eligible for competition, furthermore if horses are transferred merely for non pro to compete and is later transferred back to original owner may be cause for suspension from the association. Fair Competition Within Our Non Pro Ranks Is Imperative !!!!!