The BIG MONEY Futurity is an “All BREED” FUTURITY PROGRAM for “Non-Pro Exhibitor” competition only, with 13 weanling, yearling, two year old and *NEW three years and over halter classes. There are also color classes within each of the 13 classes. Exhibitor must be a Non-Pro member of WCHA to be eligible for competition, horses must be sired by a stallion nominated into the Big Money futurity program (Not too Late To Nominate Those Stallions !! )

2024 Futurity Information

The WCHA Breeders’ Championship and Big Money Futurities are tentatively scheduled to be held at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth TX, in conjunction with the HALTER MILLION: September 21st through September 28th. WCHA is an ALL BREED futurity program for stock type horses registered with APHA, AQHA, PHBA, ApHC, ABRA, PtHA, ARHA.

NEW FOR 2024 !! Offspring of enrolled stallions must be nominated within the Big Money Futurity Program to be eligible for competition, these nomination fees are minimal but are necessary to enhance the payouts for additional classes and divisions within all shows that WCHA offers throughout the year.

Our alliance with the APHA World Show brings 3 HUGE futurity programs (WCHA-Big Money-APHA Breeders Trust) to “one venue” for lucrative payouts for owners and exhibitors. This also provides incredible incentives for stallion owners to showcase offspring by their stallion in a unique setting. DON’T miss out by NOT nominating your stallion or offspring by stallions enrolled in WCHA & Big Money Futurity Programs.

Colored foals registered with APHA, ApHC, PHBA, ABRA, ARHA, including solid breds sired by participating sires can compete in the corresponding non pro color classes:

  • Junior Weanling Fillies
  • Senior Weanling Fillies
  • Junior Weanling Colts (Stallions and Geldings Combined)
  • Senior Weanling Colts (Stallions and Geldings Combined)
  • Yearling Mares
  • Yearling Geldings
  • Yearling Stallions
  • “Limited” Two Year Old Mares
  • “Limited” Two Year Old Geldings
  • “Limited” Two Year Old Stallions
  • “Limited” Three Years & Over Mares *New For 2022
  • “Limited” Three Years & Over Geldings *New For 2022
  • “Limited” Three Years & Over Stallions *New For 2022

Here are the resource links to get started:

  • WCHA Breeders Halter Futurity – CLICK HERE
  • Big Money Halter Futurity – SEE BELOW
  • Yellow Rose Halter Futurity – CLICK HERE

2024 Futurity Forms

2024 Big Money Stallion Enrollment Form

2024 Big Money Nomination Form

WCHA Membership Application
Mail completed form with payment to the address on the form.

Check back often for additional forms & info regarding the 2024 futurities!