WCHA Breeders Futurity FAQ

To give stallion owners, mare owners and exhibitors a better understanding of both the WCHA Breeder’s Futurity and the Big Money Futurity programs, and how they differ, some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below:

  1. If I nominate my stallion this year are his weanlings and yearlings eligible to compete this year?
    The answer is YES !!! Both the WCHA and Big Money futurities are year-to-year programs meaning that stallion nomination monies are distributed the SAME year they are received… so even though a stallion might not have been nominated the previous year his yearlings are still eligible to compete this year, same as his weanlings.
  2. What is the amount of stallion nomination fees?
    For the WCHA Breeder’s it is the amount equal to a stallion’s advertised stud fee OR $1,000 whichever is greater. For the Big Money the nomination fee is $2000, HOWEVER, if the stallion is enrolled in the WCHA we give a $500 discount to nominate into the Big Money so a flat $1500 is then the fee.
  3. Are there “nomination fees” for the weanlings and yearlings that must be paid to stay eligible for either futurity program?
    NO, you only pay the futurity entry fees.
  4. Why does the WCHA Breeder’s Futurity have open and non pro exhibitors competing in the same class?
    The program has incentives for non pro’s to excel and this is one of them because if an entry is shown by a non pro that entry can earn monies in both the non pro and the open division. In contrast, if an entry is shown by an open exhibitor that horse earns money in only the “open” division. This is big reason 80%-90% of the entries are shown by non pro exhibitors.
  5. Can I just enter the non pro portion of the futurity?
    No, non pro’s are required to enter the open portion of each futurity class. The open and non pro classes are run concurrent with each other.
  6. How are the purse monies split within each class for open and non pro?
    The stallion nomination monies within each class are split 50-50 and then the entry fees added. For example, if first place paid $4000 to win the open division the non pro payout will be similar depending on how many entries were in the non pro. With this scenario if a non pro exhibitor won the class he/she would get the $4000 for the winning the open and another $4000 for winning the non pro, if a horse was shown by an open exhibitor won the class it would only receive the $4000 for open.
  7. Who qualifies as non pro exhibitors?
    Anyone holding an amateur or youth membership card with APHA, ApHC, AQHA, ABRA, PHBA who have not received commissions for horse sales or judged in any capacity.
  8. Can open exhibitors compete in the BIG MONEY futurity?
    No, the Big Money is non pro exhibitors only. Youth or Amateur.
  9. Do I have to be a member of WCHA to compete?
    Yes, a membership is required to participate within the WCHA Breeders Futurity and also the Big Money.
  10. Explain the color divisions within the WCHA Breeders and the Big Money Futurity.
    First of all, horses with APHA, ApHC, PHBA or ABRA registration papers can compete in the WCHA Breeders Color Division. In addition, the highest placing horse of each of the four registries will be recognized in each class. NEWS FLASH: Roan horses can now compete in the color division within the WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity, roan must be the stated color on the registration papers, not roan hairs, or have registry in the American Roan Horse Association. The BIG MONEY color division is only for horses with APHA or ApHC registry. $100 of each stallion nomination fee is allocated to fund the color classes of both the WCHA and Big Money Futurities.
  11. What is the OBE or Owner-Breeder-Exhibitor Division and who is eligible?
    This division recognizes those “exhibitors that raise and show their own”. The entry must have bred the dam of the entry and is still listed as the same owner at the time of breeding that mare and be shown by a family member.
  12. Are weanlings split into junior and senior divisions and if so what is the split date?
    In the WCHA Breeder’s Futurity weanlings are split, the split date is March 1, foals born March 1 and later are in the junior division. News Flash: The BIG MONEY will also have junior and senior divisions for weanling fillies and weanling colts. In both futurity programs, horses enter the arena and are lined up according to birthdate, youngest horses at the front of the lineup.
  13. If I raised my entry, it has color papers, and I show it myself as a non pro what are the various ways to earn paybacks?
    You could earn a check in the open, again in the non pro, again in the color division and again in the OBE !!!!
  14. Where do I get entry forms and or get more information?
    Forms can be found on this website or email office@conformationhorse.com or contact the Futurity Coordinator – Don Falcon: 480-229-9767 or email: falconranch@earthlink.net