WCHA Academic Scholarship Information & Forms

WCHA has a Foundation through which academic scholarships are awarded. For academic scholarship consideration, students must be a member of WCHA, a high school graduate (or apply within two years of graduation), pass a college entrance examination and provide three letters of reference and submit an essay explaining their educational plans and goals. This essay should specifically address how you feel your academic career will provide you with an opportunity to better serve the Halter Industry, either through a trade school or collegiate academic program. Applicants must provide a photograph and a signed release form in the event they are awarded a scholarship.

Once you have been granted a scholarship, you must maintain a “B” or 3.0 or better grade point average each academic year to be eligible for renewal. Students must maintain a full-time status (typically 12 credit hours/semester) while enrolled in an educational program. Applicants must be a current WCHA member and maintain membership every year while in the Scholarship program.

Steps to apply for a WCHA Academic Scholarship:

  1. Review application requirements as defined on the application.
  2. If you meet the requirements, completely fill out the application.
  3. Scan and Email “Fully Completed Application In Its Entirety” To:
    Don Falcon: touchdownkid95@gmail.com
  4. The Applications are due by August 15, 2022.
  5. Once the application is received, the selection committee will review all applications. Those who are qualified will be evaluated and ranked by a point system to determine recipients of the scholarship.

2022/2023 Scholarship Application Form & Instructions

2022/2023 Scholarship Release Form

Congratulations to the 2021/2022 WCHA Academic Scholarship Winners!

<strong>Taylor Snow </strong>
Taylor Snow Peter J Confrancesco Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Robin & Lynn Klover
<strong>Trent Searles</strong>
Trent SearlesArnold Ginsberg Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Ina Ginsberg
<strong>Elizabeth West </strong>
Elizabeth West Gary Gordon Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Linda Gordon
<strong>Katherine West </strong>
Katherine West Wayne Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Robin/Jenny Frid, Dan/Lisa Fox,
Christine Linton, Don/Berta Falcon
<strong>Calyn Halvorson </strong>
Calyn Halvorson Gene Parker Memorial Scholarship
Donor: Ross & Sharon Roark
<strong>Coralee Castle</strong>
Coralee CastleJerry Wells Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Jarrell/Kate Jackson, Betty/Nancy Wells

Congratulations to the 2020/2021 WCHA Academic Scholarship Winners!

<strong>Taylor Snow </strong>
Taylor Snow Gene Parker Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Ross & Sharon Roark
<strong>Calyn Halvorson</strong>
Calyn HalvorsonPeter J. Cofrancesco III Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Robin & Lynn Klover
<strong>Audrey Niebrugge </strong>
Audrey Niebrugge Peter J. Cofrancesco III Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Robin & Lynn Klover
<strong>Nathan Wright </strong>
Nathan Wright Jerry Wells Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Jarrell & Kate Jackson
<strong>Trent Searles </strong>
Trent Searles Arnold Ginsberg Memorial Scholarship
Donor: Ina Ginsberg
<strong>RJ Shepard Ill </strong>
RJ Shepard Ill Wayne Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Donors: Jenny & Robin Frid, Kate & Jarrell Jackson
<strong>Cash Castle </strong>
Cash Castle Gary Gordon Memorial Scholarship
Donor: Linda Gordon

Congratulations to the 2019/2020 WCHA Academic Scholarship Winners!

<strong>Alexandria Tan</strong>
Alexandria TanGene Parker Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Caroline Fromm</strong>
Caroline FrommPeter J. Cofrancesco III Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Calley Huston</strong>
Calley HustonGary Gordon Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Griffin Holliday</strong>
Griffin HollidayArnold Ginsberg Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Jake Wicker</strong>
Jake WickerWayne Jordan Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Will Niebrugge</strong>
Will NiebruggeJerry Wells Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Lena-May Haught</strong>
Lena-May HaughtWCHA Scholarship
<strong>Reagan Nicole Watson</strong>
Reagan Nicole WatsonWCHA Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2018/2019 WCHA Academic Scholarship Winners!

<strong>Raegan Watson</strong>
Raegan WatsonGary Gordon Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Jake Wicker</strong>
Jake WickerPeter J. Cofrancesco III Memorial Scholarship
<strong>Hunter Kenny</strong>
Hunter KennyGene Parker Memorial Scholarship