Ft. Worth, TX – May 18, 2018 – After the huge success and excitement that was generated from our WCHA and Big Money futurities last September we are planning an even bigger event for 2018 !!! New classes and divisions such as adding junior divisions in the Big Money Futurities for weanling colts and fillies, adding roan horses to the color divisions in the WCHA futurity classes, adding additional color classes for the junior and senior divisions so that exhibitors show “within the class” and to increase the color paybacks we’re allocating a portion of each stallion nomination to supplement the color purses. These are just some of the initiatives taken to accommodate our participants.

The WCHA Breeder’s Championship and Big Money Futurities are ALL BREED FUTURITIES open to ApHC, APHA and AQHA breed registries. Both futurity programs have “color divisions” within each class giving participants the opportunity to earn Non Pro-Open-OBE and Color monies. WCHA takes great pride in promoting all three breeds and it was very rewarding to see horses of all colors competing together and our WCHA judges placing the best conformed horses at the front of the line regardless of color or breed. The highest placing horse of each breed (ApHC-APHA-PHBA-ABRA-ARHA) will also be recognized in each WCHA class. The WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity payouts increased by 26 percent and the payouts in the Big Money increased by 110% in 2017, we already have more stallions nominated this year so the potential for another record breaking futurity is very good for 2018.

Your “first option” to enter due on June 1 in our “Early Bird Special”. But if you miss “early bird special” not to worry because other options to enter are listed for each month in a one-time entry schedule. All futurity entries will be sent to and processed by APHA to make it more efficient for everyone.

Payment Schedule: For each futurity we have a “one time” entry fee, within the payment schedule you have several options of which month you want to enter your horse(s). This past week it came to our attention that the APHA Platinum payment date was the SAME as our two futurities which would cause a hardship for some of our participants making all three payments due at the same time. Although we’ve posted the June 1st, July 1st etc. payment options we are going to move back the WCHA Breeder’s Futurity until the 15th of each month to better accommodate owners and exhibitors. We will keep the “EARLY BIRD SPECIAL” for both futurities!! The payment schedule for the Big Money Futurity will remain the same, your first option to enter is June 1st . The first option to enter the WCHA Breeders futurity will be moved back to June 15th. We hope this is helpful!!

** 2018 ONLINE WCHA & Big Money Futurity Entry Form **

Online form will be submitted directly to APHA for processing. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

2018 WCHA Futurity Entry Form (download and print)

2018 Big Money Futurity Entry Form (download and print)

Versatility Classes – NEW FOR 2018!

The judging criteria for these classes will be based 50% on “form to function” conformation and 50% on ability to perform ranch style maneuvers. We are out to prove our halter horses ride and these classes will show just how well they perform under saddle. We are offering 2 classes, one class or two year olds and a second class for three years and over horses, must be maiden entries which mean horses can never have competed in any performance class prior to this competition but halter competition is allowable. We will Calcutta the entries prior to the competition and showcase these classes in an evening performance. Entries for these classes are still open so call or email for more information.

2018 Versatility Entry Form (download and print)

Check Out The Complete List of 2018 Nominated Stallions!

Breeder’s Futurity Nominated Stallions

Big Money Futurity Nominated Stallions

If the sire of your horse isn’t listed IT’S NOT TOO LATE FOR THE STALLION OWNER TO NOMINATE THEIR STALLION, contact them and tell them you want to compete and urge them to nominate.

If you’re nominating your stallion for the first time into either futurity, once your nomination is paid ALL weanlings AND yearlings are eligible to compete in the 2018 futurity. (Nominate now and take advantage of the payment plan so that your stallion receives early advertising). Newly nominated stallions are being promoted on Facebook daily and then added to the roster on our WCHA web site with links to the homepage of each stallion.

Breeder’s Futurity Stallion Nomination Form

If you nominate your stallion into the WCHA Futurity your nomination fee into the BIG MONEY FUTURITY is discounted by $500! Big Money Halter Futurity payouts were up by a whopping 110 percent in 2017 and over 50% of the entries were registered with ApHC and APHA. Click here to download the 2018 Big Money Halter Futurity stallion nomination form.

Big Money Stallion Nomination Form

For questions or further information, contact:

WCHA Futurity Coordinator
Don Falcon