Mike Clites
Brookings, SD

Vicky(wife); Chad, Michelle, Heidi, Steven & Carrie (children); Scott, Cory, Kristi(step-children)

Electrical Contractor | Designer | Estimator

I have always liked the conformation of livestock be it horses, cattle, sheep or dogs.

Quarter Horses

She Scores

AQHA World Show & Fall Futuries

Owning She Scores and my wife winning the World Show under all 5 judges. Owning Touchable and Hez Untouchable and my daughter Carrie winning the AQHYA World with both horses.

Look at the legs first. If they aren’t structurally sound you don’t have anything.

I see WCHA continuing to expand in other breeds and disciplines to enhance the conformation aspect of all horses.

Neil Sebring was the first person to ever explain to me “what a judge is looking for”.

I would hope that it would be my family members and other people in the horse industry.

I study the pedigrees and see what has been a good match, not only in the foals younger years but also when they are older.