For Immediate Release
Fort Worth, TX – June 27, 2018
By: Brittany Bevis

The World Conformation Horse Association has several, exciting, new projects in the works. The association has a brand new look with a logo that they feel more accurately represents the values and ideals of the World Conformation Horse Association.

In a nutshell, the ideal standard for the WCHA is a stock-type horse that is balanced, structurally correct, attractive, and well-muscled. Symmetry is essential with eye-appeal that is the result of a defined head, refined throat latch, well-proportioned neck, sloping shoulder, deep heart girth, short back, long hip, and straight legs.

Click here to view the WCHA Conformation Standard Guidelines.

In addition to preserving and promoting the value of correct conformation as a foundational aspect of all stock horse breeds, the WCHA is committed to pursuing growth in this area with futurities, specialty versatility stakes classes, championship-level non pro and open events, and the promotion of breeding and showing halter horses.

“Our old logo with the abstract horse really didn’t identify us as an association that believes conformation is the foundation of the stock horse breeds,” says WCHA Executive Director Don Falcon. “We wanted to incorporate our conformation standard, our ideal horse standing on a world globe identifying with our association name.”

In an effort to promote this standard of quality within the horse industry the WCHA holds futurity events, such as the Breeder’s Championship and Big Money Futurity, and partners with numerous others. Most recently, WCHA announced the sponsorship of two classes at the Best In The West Futurity and East Coast Halter Futurity. The two classes will include All Age Weanling Fillies and All Age Weanling Colts, which will be open to all weanlings registered with AQHA, APHA, or ApHC. Entries do not have to be sired by a nominated stallion in any Futurity program to be eligible. The total added money for these two classes is $4,000 at each event. Any amateur, youth, or open exhibitor may compete, but he/she must be a WCHA member. Entry fees start at $250 and classes will remain open until the night before the class. “To date, most of our events have been down the center of the country, and we haven’t been able to start a new futurity at the outer edges to give people a reason to become WCHA members,” Falcon says. “I thought rather than start new futurities on the West and East Coasts we should support these two, very well-established futurities, and at the same time, bring more people into our association.”

Finally, perhaps the most exciting news for WCHA is a new partnership with The Equine Chronicle, which will now serve as the official publication for the association. WCHA news and show results will be publicized via the website and social media accounts. “Our members will now receive the most current news with the website and social media presence,” Falcon says. “Most of all, what we’re really excited about is that our membership will now come with a “free” subscription to The Equine Chronicle. It’s not only a high value, but it gets our message out to the horse show world in a more expedited manner, after all everyone reads the Chronicle!!!”

“We have so many new programs that we will be unveiling in the near future, and we’re extremely excited with our newly formed partnership with The Equine Chronicle that this was the perfect time to show-off our new logo, our new image.”

Stay tuned to for more news coming from WCHA in the coming months!!!