For Immediate Release
Fort Worth, TX – November 9, 2018
By: Don Falcon

Kathy’s Show Equipment is family owned and operated business that Troy and Stacy Dial and Michele Dancey purchased in 1996 from Kathy and Bob Mezin. The 30 year business plan has always been to provide quality workmanship using only the best leather and silver to produce each and every show halter that went out of the shop. To improve on this concept they purchased the dyes and the “fit” from Del Varney which in the 80’s and 90’s was the “standard of excellence” that everyone wanted in a show halter, Kathy’s has not only maintained this look but have improved on the quality of leather to give customers a alter that will not only look great but made to last.

Kathy’s truly listen to their customers and to give the perfect fit and style that is needed for each breed or discipline in which the horse is competing. They offer various silver options from the Santana Silverplate to the upgraded Sterling Fit Line which is the high quality sterling overlay. Several different sizes along with different fits within each size allows them to accommodate any needs that a customer may prefer. Kathy’s Halters are handmade individually in the shop in Vista, California.

Over the years they added to the Kathy’s arsenal by expanding into show saddles, this partner line is called Sterling Custom Saddles. They have added sterling silver headstalls, engraved trophy stirrups and spurs into this line.

Kathy’s isn’t only about show halters, they offer everything from custom made silver trophy buckles to custom made spurs, spur straps, headstalls, silver stirrups, trophy knifes, new and used show saddles!! If you’re wanting a unique award or gift we have something to fit your needs.

“We are honored to be named the “Official Show Halter of WCHA” and we feel we’ll be a great fit to fulfill your member’s needs. Thank you for your past support of our products, we’ll continue to strive to provide you the finest quality halters at the best price! We are happy to support WCHA!!”

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